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AI Content Creation Made Easy

HuHu AI aims to create easy-to-use AI tools for everyone to create high-quality media content without any prior experience.

ChatDesigner is our first product, and also the first ever conversational AI image generator. 

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Our Product

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ChatDesigner is the first AI image generator dedicated to combine the power of large language model with image generation. Users can directly chat to the design bot to generate, edit and iterate any particular area or the entire image. It also has a canvas that allows users to precisely select areas to retouch. 

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Text to generate
Click to iterate

Simple prompts to create images in all styles. Click the image to continue editing and reimagination

Text to edit
in natural language

Text to add, remove, replace, or move or target items or background in the images. You can even text to change color or styles of a specific target or the entire image.

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Image to image

Easy steps to create images with the same pose, shapes, depth, or edge of referenced images.

Retouch specific areas

Remove or replace painted areas for precise editing

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Text to change styles

Numerous styles just a simple prompt away

Expand Image Infinitely

Smart expansion on images using the context of the originals.

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Our Team

Led by series entrepreneur specifically on AI domain with successful exit experience and veterans from hyper growth tech companies. 

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