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Image & Video Editing Easier than Ever 

HuHu AI offers AI design agent solutions for various business use cases. 

ChatDesigner is our first product that users can chat to create and edit any images. (1).gif

Goal driven AI generation and editing

ChatDesigner is not just any tool; it’s your next-generation AI design agent that transforms your chats into stunning images. With over 30 innovative features just chats away, we’re here to revolutionize how you bring your creative visions to life.

AI Agent for Complicated Task

Leverage AI to effortlessly blending elements to produce visually appealing designs, making professional designs accessible and efficient for users regardless of their design expertise.

Multimodal Use Cases

End-to-end solutions for highly demanded use cases. Integrate with popular workflows and platforms to boost efficiency to the next level.

Bulk Process

Batch processing is no longer limited to single action. The AI agent is smart enough to combine multiple operations to fulfill complex design tasks, and repeat for the maximized efficiency.

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We not only offer the product, but also offer 30+ AI generation, editing and agent APIs for easy integration with existing workflows.

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